Vienna International Gaming Expo is actually a three day event being held from 30th May to 1st June 2018 at the Melia Vienna in Vienna, Austria. The first held annual event is going to set a milestone for industry connected event in Central Europe and it is a meeting ground for networking, deal making and act as a hub for the gaming industry, regulators, third parties, media as well as business leaders.

We anticipate that the quality as well as amount of the market to become of probably the highest standards, never to point out the point that it’ll open a complete brand new industry for the market for networking and business growth opportunities in Austria and surrounding regions.

While the gaming events calendar keeps getting more crowded and then possibly, the in industry is simply reaching a brand new tipping point where creativity and innovation will determine the pattern for the following decennial.



09:00 AM – 06:00 PM (Public)

Entry Fees

Not available*


Visitors: 1000 – 5000
Exhibitors: 100 – 500
* Estimated Count

Category & Type

 Trade Show
Business Services


Next edition likely in May 2019
Past EditionsMarch 20 – 22, 2017


From March 20 22 at Austria Center Vienna (Bruno-Kreisky-Platz one, Austria), 1220 Wien, the inaugural Vienna International Gaming Expo (ViGE) will provide three days of gaming convention and conference for the center of Europe.

As a self styled event of innovation in content and form, ViGE is actually bringing land-based and online together gaming industries from around the globe to reach out to the progressively different international set of players that iGaming is actually attracting.

A brand new Hub

ViGE represents a brand new and essential Central European hub for the iGaming business, as well as the organizers could not be a little more excited to unveil their luxurious brand new meeting ground ripe for deal-making and  networking among new entrants and gaming leaders, in addition to regulators, third parties, and media.
ViGE has set standards that are high for the invitees of its, as it appears to open industry sectors that are new for social networking as well as business growth opportunities in Austria and the intriguing surrounding regions of its. Because of this, ViGE’s delegate status can be obtained for people who wish to attend seminars above & beyond the complementary exhibit floor going to pass.

Exhibition Floor Benefits

ViGE 2017 promises a wealth of turnkey treatments from the exhibitor list of its of the very best on the internet and land based gaming suppliers from across the globe. With ViGE’s stated dedication to developing network areas as well as exhibition booths to improve the experience for those attendees, all that book a stand will get access to virtually any number of substantive performance as well as earning enhancements.

Being a brand new conference, this’s a great chance to be among the first exposed to some and most distinctive feature of ViGE’s organizers, who’ll be especially excited to meet any kind of individual as well as expressed requirements of attendees of that very first go round.

Vienna was picked as a house for ViGE as a result of the location of its in the center of Europe as well as delegates have experienced the city so much, particularly due to the moderate weather, architecture that is stunning, outdoor pubs and great sight seeing opportunities.

A networking expo floor and series of seminars focusing primarily on regulatory updates from around Central Europe and challenges for operators, suppliers and affiliates face operating in such regulated markets was featured by day one of ViGE.

BetConstruct features a huge presence at ViGE this season, with a beautiful booth built with a complete bar and fruit that is fresh for the guests of theirs. George Voyatzis told of BetContruct’s the newest Romanian license and said the appetite for sports betting in Romania is actually healthy and he looks forward to operating in this particular marketplace.

Voyatzis said while almost all marketplaces are essential to the organization of his, Central Europe is actually an area of concentration and as regulations are actually pushed through, the overall presence of theirs of the region will develop.

Gaming lawyer Martin Arendts of Arendts Anwalte spoke on a panel this early morning and covered the past, future and present of gambling regulation for Germany, a sector which shows no immediate signs of simplifying itself.

Arendts said Germany is actually a mature market, however, not a mature regulation and then went on to explain despite the legality of its, not one sport betting license has been given after 2012. Also, he explained exactly how internet casino games are illegal and never appropriately regulated, however, lots of internet casino operators enjoy offering the services of theirs to German clients.

Out of all of the Central European nations, Germany is actually among the most promising based on Arendts and despite the grey nature of its, revenues are actually anticipated to go up as well as the country still has great market potential.

Nevertheless, without having a contemporary regulation, a black market is going to be encouraged and Arendts does not count on anything to change for no less than a couple of additional seasons.

Arendts did point out the present regulatory circumstance in Germany is actually advantageous for gaming lawyers as there are plenty of pending grey areas and court cases and also added the ok of its for operators since casino games aren’t currently prohibited.

Jan Rehola of PS Legal spoke on exactly the same board regarding Czech Republic gaming laws and confirmed a complete range of licenses are actually ideal for those games types apart from streaming internet casino. There aren’t any reduced numbers of licenses and any organization which fulfills the requirements will be given a license, he said.

Hungary’s regulatory status was discussed by Gabor Helembai of Bird and Bird and he established the market is actually restricted for sports, horse racing as well as lottery as a result of state monopolies. He said internet operators are only able to use for casino video games and said its unlikely the state monopoly changes in the near long term.

The latest IMGL Masterclass covered the risks as well as challenges for affiliate marketers, operators as well as platforms operating in markets that are regulated. Yoav Dotan, founding father of Genesis Gaming, referred to himself a medium sized operator and said we’re operating on Uk and Maltese licenses already because the tax as well as regimes in places as Czech Republic do not make sense for us.

Holland was confirmed by him, Germany and Sweden are actually markets he is keeping the eyes of his on for the future, assuming the tax is going to be realistic. Nevertheless, he described keeping track of an assortment of regulatory regimes across the EU as a huge headache and then said he’d choose one single license for the EU, but recognizes this’s not apt to happen. But that is the wish of mine, he said.

Therefore for operators for me personally, we are looking for markets outside the EU, markets as Africa, Asia, South Americanthey tend to be more successful, in case we are likely to use resources into new markets, it seems sensible for us to look there rather, he added.

He pointed out the way monitoring a lot of markets and regulations takes away from feature and addressing consumer needs, 2 of probably the most crucial concentrates for his organization. We would like to keep an eye on only a small amount as they can areas which are not the main focus of ours, he described.

This afternoon ‘s Recent Trends in Internet marketing panel featured iGaming affiliate Assaf Stieglitz of, an affiliate with a huge focus on the technological innovation. He talked on the point that AMP has enhanced from iGaming operators to include affiliates and also cited Catena Media ‘s the latest affiliate acquisition spree.

He pointed out just how such acquisitions are actually changing the affiliate ecosystem since larger media companies have the leverage to bargain higher CPAs as well as rev shares, but smaller sized affiliates are unable to do exactly the same. Nevertheless, these very same smaller affiliate marketers may right now possibly get acquired by larger affiliates and can make a great deal of cash in doing so in case they are capable of getting a high valuation, obviously.